Saturday, November 12, 2011

Blog Tour de Troops is HERE!

Welcome to the next stop at Indie Book Collective's Blog Tour de Troops! 

This is your last stop for today! 11/13/11

You should be coming from Julia Crane's lovely blog.  Please check back tomorrow for Elena Gray to continue the final day of the tour. 

Now let's have some fun!

What can be cuter than a soldier feeding a kitten?

Could it be a Marine kissing his girlfriend?

Azlee Eich-Mitchell: Eich Photography

How about a soldier proposing to his girlfriend, in the middle of the mall, after a flash mob? 

Or a soldier proposing after boot camp graduation? Now that is CUTE!

Oooor, a soldier proposing to his girlfriend, with the help of the band Train???

How about the help of his entire platoon?

How about ... Top Gun style?? Very CUTE!

Or a soldier who pulls out all the stops, and parachutes down to the 50-yard line, to propose?

Vote for your favorite! Which one do you think is the cutest?

Here's my favorite

... the soldier beneath the Arch of Sabers in a Military wedding!!! I love military weddings so much that I included one in my book, SAND ... and of course, I added the Arch of Sabers! It takes place in a Spanish Monastery very similar to the video below.  I hadn't seen this video until today ... and now I have a tear in my eye remembering SAND!!

So which one do you think is the cutest?

Leave a comment with your vote. Choose any of the awesome soldiers I mentioned including my favorite :) ... Do you have a cuter one you'd like to mention? Please share!!

As you know, Blog Tour de Troops is about fulfilling the number one requested package item for soldiers, BOOKS!

When you comment, please leave the name and email of a soldier you know or Blog Tour de Troops can choose from the many who have requested ebooks. Don't forget to include your email for your own copy of SAND.

A few people have asked me...
 Can they have their free copy of SAND delivered to a soldier as well? Absolutely, yes!

If you have already purchased SANDthank you! We will send your free copy to the troops!

In keeping with the theme of my book, SAND, which is not just romance, but pulse racing and non-stop's a video not for the faint of heart! What a road side bomb looks like:

*** Since this is the last stop for today on the tour, PLEASE take some extra time to visit my wonderful sponsors. *grins*

These people loved SAND and have agreed to post their review!!

Jamie Corrigan - aspiring author, twitter guru :)
JT Kalnay - attorney, soldier, author
 Warren Terry - author, former president of (my all time favorite) Coca-Cola Bottling Co.
Kathleen Hagburg- author, parenting guru :)

Thank you for supporting our TROOPS! And thank you for supporting SAND!

Thank you so much for supporting SAND!