Monday, July 20, 2015 Presents The Home-Buying Process with Elizabeth Banks

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or you're thinking of buying your next vacation home, the home-buying process sometimes can get a little confusing. I mean, previewing beautiful houses can be a lot of fun, but some steps do get tedious. Finding out what you can afford and searching for a competitively-priced loan isn't always as fun. presents the home-buying process with Elizabeth Banks. Five creative episodes explaining things in very simple — comical — terms, from finding your dream home and parting with an insane amount of money to tips on getting through so much paperwork at closing.

Episode One is Knowing When You’re Ready. This episode will help you understand the financial impact of buying vs. renting... err sort of.

Episode Two is Mortgage Lending 101. Are you ready to tackle property insurance, taxes and homeowners association dues? You won't learn about any of it in this episode, but you will be inspired to get a good mortgage lender. He or she will help you decide the loan that is best for you.

Episode Three is The Search. In this episode, you learn that you are not alone. Nope, you're not the only couple that disagrees on the main requirements for a home...

Episode Four is The Offer. You may want to watch The Godfather again before watching this episode. Oh, and just in case, look up the word consigliere.

Episode Five is Closing The Sale.  Yay!! You made it. Home sweet home. 

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