Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Spirituality of SAND

I’m a devout Catholic. If you’ve read SAND, you know that I use a lot of Catholic symbolism. I never try to be preachy because I write stories about sinners. I try to examine their motivations. I don’t write about what they should do, but rather what they would -most likely- do. My characters all struggle, not only physically and emotionally, but they also struggle spiritually.

SAND excerpt  He stared at his wife’s beautiful round breasts. He was feeling guilty for doing so while inside the church, but he had so much guilt over everything else, that he repeatedly said the words, have mercy on me in his mind. He continued to stare at his wife, longing for her to ease his anxiety. If he could only hear her tell him once more, as long as we’re together.

SAND excerpt  He stammered. “I’m so messed up right now.” He brought her hand to his face as it turned bright red, and he couldn’t hold his tears back any longer.

SAND excerpt  “I never wanted to know. I’m afraid that if I knew, I would not have agreed. I decided to put this matter under the mantle of Our Lady.” ­– The Monsignor

SAND excerpt  Abby held his hand, “I forgive you dad. I want you to get strong again. What happened to your faith in Our Lady?”

Here are some excerpts from SAND describing a Cathedral and Monastery. A Monastery is a place where monks live. There are some Monasteries, no longer occupied by monks, used for weddings and special events.

SAND excerpt  Cupping her hand forming a sun visor, Abby gazed up at the bell tower then studied the architecture of the ancient Cathedral. Its Victorian Gothic style was in direct contrast with the surrounding buildings.

SAND excerpt  The old Spanish Monastery gleamed in the midday sun.

There are still many good Roman Catholic Priests. They are my friends and I mention them in SAND.

SAND excerpt  They followed the small steps of the elderly priest through the long corridor and into a room called the Sacristy. He unlocked the doors.  Hanging in the armoire were albs, chasubles, and stoles. He placed his trembling hands between the priestly vestments and pushed them aside.

SAND excerpt  Father Charles was six foot three and wore a Franciscan habit, which consisted of a long brown robe and a brown hood that hung behind his head and a knotted rope around the waist.

Here’s an excerpt where Father Charles hears a confession:

SAND excerpt  They stopped in front on a cypress wood crucifix, which hung from the balustrade of a 
narrow staircase.

SAND excerpt  Father Charles stroked his bearded chin. “My child, no sin is greater than the mercy of God.”

I pray the rosary. My devotion to the Virgin Mary is a part of who I am and therefore a part of my writing. Here are some excerpts where I mention Our Lady.

SAND excerpt  “I heard my father say many times that the beautiful lady saved his life.”

SAND excerpt  “Who’s the lady?” He rested his right arm along the top of the seat while steering with his left hand.

SAND excerpt  “It’s an image of the Virgin Mary called Our Lady of Guadalupe. It hung on the concrete wall of the cottage where the villagers took him in. They lay him on a cot for a month while he recuperated and his cot faced the large framed picture.”

SAND excerpt  “I know who she is. She’s from Mexico.”

SAND excerpt  “Yeah,” she smiled, “I went to Mexico with my father to visit the Basilica of Guadalupe. It was an emotional trip for us after having him back home safe.

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