Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fisher Island

Fisher Island is one of my favorite places to live in Miami Beach.

My fondness for this dreamy place has spilled over into my imagination ... and of course into my novel.

SAND Excerpt - Abby had accompanied her mother to Fisher Island on a few occasions. Behind the glamour of the island she discovered the unique beauty of exotic birds like the colorful peacocks that parade around as owners and protectors. She tagged along as Susan toured her buyers around the two deep water marinas that could be accessed by yacht, seaplane and its round the clock car ferry. Abby would listen to her mother go on and on about the Spanish Architectural style of the villas depicting its signature red barrel tile roofs.

Susan clasped the steering wheel. She kept her eyes fixed on the road. “You should see this place, Abby. It’s the best one on the island. When you swim in the private pool...” she motioned, waving her arm in the air, “All you see for miles and miles is pure ocean.” She gripped the steering wheel again.

“All you see is ocean?” Abby raised an eyebrow. “How do you know that…don’t tell me you swam in the pool, mom.”

“Don’t be a smarty pants. I didn’t swim in it. I’m just tellin’ you how I imagine it would be. How else am I supposed to sell something if I don’t imagine what it would feel like?”

“So who’s this rich client of yours?” Abby tossed a piece of gum into her mouth and checked her black eyeliner in the visor mirror.  She noticed Dallas’s blue pickup truck following close behind.

SAND Excerpt - Abby stood outside at the wrap-a-around veranda with her eyes fixed on the ocean view. She imagined herself sitting in front of an easel capturing the splendor of such a color palette with oil on canvas. Her eyes focused on a unique pattern of pastels in a row of blooming rose bushes. They were perfectly aligned along the edge of the patio next door.

A moving shadow caught Abby’s attention and out of the corner of her eye she saw two men...

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