Monday, February 21, 2011

Dune Bashing

This picture was taken by my mom and dad in the sand dunes of Dubai. 

This the backdrop for the following excerpt. It's a short excerpt without giving away too much of the story.

Excerpt - Dallas slammed on the breaks as Javi jumped in. While chasing Maurice up a sand dune, Dallas down-shifted and Javi immediately strapped on his seat belt. “You should-a let me drive. We’re freakin’ dune bashing.”

“Piece-of cake, I use to go off-road mudding back home all the time.”

Maurice sped down the sand dune and back up another. Dallas and Javi followed. Thunder-like rumbles from the exhaust of both jeeps pierced the desert air.

“I hate roller coasters.” Javi grabbed the dash.

“Yeah, well I hate snakes. That didn’t stop you from using them as your weapon of choice.” (Dallas)

Here's another excerpt that I had a lot of fun writing and I hope you will enjoy reading. 

While in Afghanistan, Dallas has just received some very good news. He walks outside of his B-hut for a shower.

Excerpt - He walked out towards the showers and caught sight of Sgt. Granados smoking the guys in his platoon. He had them all on the dirt doing two hundred sit-ups. From the shower, Dallas could hear the loud mouth Sergeant calling out, “Front…back…front…back…go.” 

Dallas was assured that whatever reason Sgt. Granados might have for disciplining the men, they were all up for the challenge. The men had professed their fondness of Sgt. Granados in the past and they had admitted that his smoke sessions bonded the team. 

While he shaved, Dallas could hear the men laughing and joking after the rigorous discipline. He was reminded of the Colonel and Javi, and how similar it had been for him. They had forced him to discover inside himself abilities far beyond any he thought he might possess.

“How you doin’ Lieutenant?” The men greeted Dallas as they filled the tiny makeshift bathroom.

“What’d you boys do to get smoked?” Dallas splashed the razor with water.

“Just a prank gone wrong sir.” Nineteen year-old Private Smith from Kansas answered.

One of Private Smith’s B-hut roommates put his arm around him and added, “Lieutenant, it was a hilarious prank-gone-bad, we deserved every last push-up. It was hilarious sir.”

A voice cried out, “Damn it…who seran wrapped the damn sh*tter?”

They all bolted, tripping over one another on their way out.

Dallas looked into the shabby mirror, grazing a razor over his chin, and thought..."

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