Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Twitter Hashtags to Follow

I’ve come across a few blogs that simply list twitter hashtags. This isn’t going to be one of them.  I’m only listing the hashtags that I RECOMMEND!

I’ve been on twitter for a while and have come across quite a few hashtags. Some hashtags come and go faster than memes, like Charlie Sheen’s #winning, as mentioned in this NY Times article by Ashley Parker.  Most of the one-hit-wonder hashtags will be “trending” for a day or two and disappear. Trending on twitter means that A LOT of people are tweeting the same hashtag. For example, #roadtrip is a popular one this summer.

Here’s a quick overview:

A twitter hashtag is this symbol # followed by a word or phrase (with no spacesinbetween) and is included in your tweet. 

Any tweets that include a particular hashtag will appear on the same column for that hashtag in the order they were tweeted.  

Examples of a good way to use hashtags for branding:

My awesome friend @RachelintheOC, author of WALK IN THE SNARK tweets the funniest one-liners using the hashtag #mancode.   

She is an example of using twitter hashtags for branding.  I RECOMMEND!

Another awesome Facebook and twitter friend, @KristenLambTX created the new twitter hashtag #MyWana named after her book We Are Not Alone.  Read more about it here.  I RECOMMEND!

I started #SANDexcerpt to post excerpts from my book SAND.  I suggest you start your own twitter hashtag with your own branding. Go ahead, try it out!

Here’s some advice:

Check the hashtag first. People may already be using it. But you can still join in. I like to use random hashtags like #luvit or #whateverIfeellikesayingatthemoment

What does #WW and #FF mean?

#WW is Writer Wednesday used for promoting writers that you think your followers should follow.

#FF is Follow Friday used to promote anyone you want to recommend to your followers.  Most people will list a bunch of twitter names in one tweet and leave enough space to include #FF.  There's even a website that tracks how many people #FF you. Check it out here.

Here’s a list of hashtags that I RECOMMEND!

#tIAG  Twitter Indie Author Group

#IndieAuthors  I like to RT Indie Author's books and blogs that I find on here.  

#rocktheretweet  I like to use this one whenever I come across A SUPER AWESOME tweet

#amediting  I’ve definitely used this one while editing

#amwriting  A very cool way to share word count goals on a regular basis

#pubtip  Some people mistake this for the local pub (drinking) but this one is for publishing tips (you can learn a lot here.) Many Lit Agents use this one.

#pubwrite  This one is a local pub (lots of drinking) and writing (you can learn a lot about alcoholic beverages here) and share the writing journey with many awesome authors.

#1k1hr  I wrote a blog post about this one titled Slow but Steady Wins the Race.

#1kaday  I wrote a blog post about this one titled Coffee & Convo Series and the #1kaday.

#nanowrimo  This one is for the national novel writing month

#LeadFromWithin  People from all walks of life post very positive tweets on here.

I would love to hear from you! What are some of your favorite hashtags?  Please share your thoughts.  We can all learn from one another.

Lili Tufel
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