Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Top Ten Signs You're Married to an Author

Number 10:

Your spouse refuses to get dressed and claims that the writing is better while wearing pajamas.

Number 9:

Your spouse gets upset because the cat has managed to change all the settings on the keyboard.

Number 8:

Your spouse takes notes while watching television because even a duel between the red-back spider and the bull ant can make a great action scene.

Number 7:

Your spouse stops you mid-conversation and says, “This is great dialogue.”

Number 6:

Your spouse has a bad day but doesn’t take it out on you, instead there are new characters to harass, torment, and kill.

Number 5:

You catch your spouse checking his/her Amazon page for the fifth time today.

Number 4:

You meet someone new … and as your spouse shakes her hand you hear, “What a beautiful name! That’s my protagonist’s name.”

Number 3:

You find your spouse crying because someone has just died and you know you have to ask if that person is real or imaginary.

Number 2:

You come home and see that she’s made dinner … you don’t know what it is, but it has a great title. – Robert Tufel (my husband)

And the number 1 sign you're married to an author is:

You find questionable items on the Google search history:  "detonator, fertilizer, FBI protocol, properties of acid, violent chemical compounds"  - Nicholas Denmon

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